Computer Paradise

These are very exciting times! Just about everything around us is changing Constantly, And for the better.

The primary reason for much of the change is technology. But have you stopped to wonder what drives technology itself? Isn't it a constant human desire to make things better, and to make better things? We want to keep improving the quality of our lives continuously, and always. We desire that, apart from work, we also have time for some leisure, fun and enjoyment.

In today's world, it is imperative that we arm the 21st century learner with an understanding of computers and their associated skills. Computers have come to play a very significant part in bringing about such important and beneficial changes in our lives. They have become user friendly, and are fun too.

Today's students will live in high tech. information technology driven world of the future. They are fast learners and are comfortable with technology. IT is certainly a good sent opportunity. But the opportunity will be lost if we don't introduce computer education.
D.C. MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL is a movement, which seeks to demonstrate that a well-conceived & well implanted model of computer, education can increase learning effectiveness significantly even while making the learning process enjoyable.

To provide more quality education through communication, we are proud to convey that "PEARSON" are giving high quality of teaching & guidance in D.C.M.S. through Smart class in computer lab.

we have introduced 'TECHNO WORLD ROOM' as to provide visual education s to the students of DCMS

We wish all the students of D.C. MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL the very best!