Principal’s Message

The Cornerstone of my educational philosophy is firm belief in statement every child is potentially.

The light of the world as need as the cause of its darkness; wherefore must the question of education be accounted as of primary importance.

Stepping in to the field of education I committed myself to nurturing the self development of students, tapping the abilities to mature and develop so that they may confidently face the challenges of future

I reckon that education should be the biggest and best adventure in a child‘s life and that’s why through the coordination of my colleagues & try to foster an atmosphere in which the students gain confidence to stand on their own feet, take their own decisions and reach their own summits.

I regard every student as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value and education can alone mankind to benefit there from.

My efforts are always based to make every child a gift of god to mankind and a pride of the human race.

That’s Why I guide my colleagues to learn to consult, cooperate and participate for the benefit of the child. My only concern is

  • Nurturing the delicate world of the child.
  • Enlarging the mental horizons and broadening the outlook of the students through training in Co-operation, Consideration, team spirit and service.
  • Arousing their aesthetic sense in a constantly changing. world we carry out a task of transforming potentialities into realities, which has to be invented afresh day after day

I aim to empower my students, my children to be compassionate, responsive to our culture and heritage, academically excelling, holistic persons with a scientific temper in an environment of sharing and caring.

With Warm wishes.

Dr. Jyoti Gupta

M.A. (English, Hindi)
M. Phil, M.Ed., PH.D